The Official 2019 Election Guide

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With an election just around the corner, you need analysis you can trust. Our 100-page Official Election Guide – created with the writers at The Chaser Quarterly – is the only way to cope with the absolute shit-show that’s going to consume the nation over the next two months.

- All 150 electorates reviewed (yes, we actually did that)
- An overview of Australia’s micro parties (including Bill Shorten’s 21st birthday)
- How to draw the perfect cock on balls on your ballot paper
- A special Liberal Party application form for women
- Profiles on all the potential winning candidates, and Scott Morrison
- Leaked speaking notes from the upcoming leadership debate
- Campaign ads from all the major parties
- Election translation guide: what the jargon really means
- A Free Helloworld trip to Singapore for every reader

- Andrew Bolt on why the obvious choice this election is Tony Abbott
- Peter Credlin on why things were better when she was PM
- The Daily Mail’s cut-and-paste of another newspaper’s article
- The Guardian on why you should probably feel guiltier about your election-night guacamole dip

We're also doing live election shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth. Find out more here.

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