The 2017 Shovel Annual

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A 132-page in-depth look at the most ridiculous year since 2016. Includes:

- Handy One-Nation candidate application and resignation form (with almost all the speling correct)
- Guest column from Lyle Shelton
- Tax-minimisation guide (sponsored by Chevron)
- FREE Peter Dutton Halloween costume
- ISIS summer fashion special
- The Malcolm Turnbull board game - like snakes and ladders but without the ladders
- Our top tips for saving for a deposit on your first smashed avocado
- Expanded postal ballot allowing you to cast judgement on a whole host of other minorities
- The very best articles (and some of the shit ones) from The Shovel in 2017

PLUS The Chaser Annual. Yes, you get a whole other annual from a slightly inferior but still quite good satirical group, as part of the same magazine!

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